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The SICH Foundation was established to support Ukraine during the war. The main areas of assistance: military, hospitals, children, pets

Our foundation unites those who care to preserve the centuries-old history and culture of the Ukrainian people. We strive to do everything possible to support our citizens in these difficult times for Ukraine and the world. Today, almost the whole world is united around Ukraine. We are infinitely grateful to all those who support our people. But much remains to be done. Unfortunately, our country is full of people who need help. It’s the XXI century, but the people in our democratic country need such basic things as food, medicine, hygiene products and a roof over their heads. Each member of our foundation is driven and motivated to give his best to help the country. But our resources are scarce. Especially now, when the social and economic foundations of our state have been raised. Therefore, we ask for help. Help Ukraine, its military, citizens, pets, who are like family to us and are suffering. Choose for yourself the format and the addressee of help. Your heart will tell. From our side, we will do our best to ensure that your assistance is delivered and provide a full report.

The main areas of assistance





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