• We are a Charitable Fond “SICH”.

• We are Ukrainians. We were born and raised on our native land. On the soil we love.

• We unite for the sake of people. We strive to help and support all who require it.

• We are for the end of war and the return of peace. But only on the condition of preserving the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

• We are Ukraine’s talented and creative people. We are looking for joint solutions and we seek compromise on all issues to build a country where peace, order and good fortune can prevail.

• We are the patriots of our country. Patriotism for us means creating a better future together.

• We are the people of the world. People who bring ideology and love for their land, freedom of their word.

• We are just people. People who believe in the victory of our country. People who love Ukraine.

Our motto: the share of humanity is the share of all!

Join us in creating a new history together!